Shenzhen Youpin Baosheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automotive electronic products. The company is committed to the development, production and sales of automotive electronic products such as navigators, smart cloud mirrors, special hidden recorders, multi-function driving recorder GPS navigators, speed electronic dogs, safety warning devices, etc. The ability to integrate technology and value provides tailor-made packages or supporting technologies and product solutions for industry brands.
About Us
Four advantages make you feel free to choose
  • 01
    100% manufacturer customized

    Professional automotive electronics manufacturers adhere to the business philosophy of quality first and honesty.

  • 02
    10 years of professional customization experience

    Professional technicians and production personnel can supply in time.

  • 03
    5 years Trustworthy Gold Member

    We have business channels, multi-field cooperation, quality assurance Create a high-quality enterprise in the sign industry

  • 04
    Service Advantage

    Have a professional product development team, sales team, after-sales team to provide customers with a full range of services



  • 50 years to uphold the high-end quality of electronic appliances

    We produce a variety of innovative products - including data converters we produce all kinds of innovative products - including data converters, amplifiers and switches, sockets, electronic tubes, sensors, potentiometers, other types of sensors, and signal processing products, including DSP and other processors - all to meet the majority of customers. Design of demand

    50 years to uphold the high-end quality of electronic appliances

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